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Prolific Sports Lab products are powered and protected by D3O’s state of the art impact protection technology.

D3O® Impact Technology

D3O is the leader in shock absorbing “smart materials” that react to the force of an impact. They provide the highest level of protection while ensuring maximum mobility.

Protected by D3O®

Prolific Sports Lab is committed to using the highest quality materials, manufacturing processes and latest technology to protect athletes. In our search we found no company better at impact protection than D3O®.

D3O®’s Impact Protection solutions are developed for markets where high impact energies are experienced. They offer enhanced shock absorbing properties that provide the ultimate in soft and flexible protection. Each material solution has its own unique specifications.

How D3O® "Smart Materials" Work

Nothing protects better than D3O®, which offers the thinnest and most advanced protection against impact.

D3O® utilizes materials using a combination of advanced polymer chemistry and cutting-edge design. With no compromise on comfort, the materials are soft and flexible. Compared to standard foams they react differently when force is applied.

D3O® absorbs and dissipates energy during an impact. This reduces the amount of force transmitted to your body and results in less damaging injuries in the areas protected.

The Marvels of D3O® Molecules

D3O® technology is patented and has a unique molecular structure, allowing it to remain soft and flexible. That changes on impact: D3O’s molecules lock together, absorbing the impact energy and dissipating it. This reduces the impact of the force transmitted.

D3O® Videos